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With over 20 years of experience, The LunchMaster is the pioneer in preparing and distributing meals to schools in the Bay Area. In addition to the headquarters based in San Carlos, the company now has two other satellite locations in Central Valley areas. The LunchMaster offers convenience, flexibility and peace of mind for parents who can select at the click of a button, tasty and balanced breakfasts, lunches and after-school meal options to be delivered to school to their kids. Each meal is carefully designed by a registered dietitian who specializes in child nutrition and handcrafted by caring staff in the company’s state of the art kitchen. The LunchMaster’s mission is to provide students, academic and school staff, fresh, delicious, nutritious and affordable meals every day of the school year.

As a parent, you’re naturally concerned about what your child eats every day. But you may not always find time or are simply not sure how to prepare a balanced healthy lunch every day of the school week. No worries LunchMaster is here to do the job for you!
We offer up to 16 healthy choices a day including vegetarian, gluten-free and organic options!

16 healthy choices a day including Vegetarian & Gluten Free options!

The LunchMaster’s original recipes capture the freshest seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers. Each meal is handcrafted with love by caring staff in our state of the art kitchens and are carefully designed by our registered dietitian, an expert in child nutrition, who makes sure to combine a delicious blend of ingredients and vital nutrients essential for your kids development.

The LunchMaster’s delicious meals typically feature a freshly prepared entrée, fruit, vegetable, healthy snack, and a choice of cold beverages. Our menus are designed by Registered Dietitian Melissa Manning. A mother herself, she knows what kids love, and her continuous oversight ensures that our meals meet strict standards.

We make lunch EASY…
✓ Order online from our 16 daily menu options (including Vegetarian & Gluten Free) through our user-friendly platform
✓ Order until 6:00 a.m. for same day meal delivery!
✓ Order multiple diners at once, even if they’re at different schools!
✓ Track Allergens: flag the allergen once and it’s gone forever
✓ One entree, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, snack and a choice of cold beverages delivered to your kid for under $5!
✓ All meals are scratch cooked and prepared in-house daily in our state of the art kitchens in San Carlos and Stockton
✓ Low in fat (no trans fats) and sugar (no sugar added)
✓ Whole grains, seasonal fresh local and organic produce (based on market availability), antibiotic-free, hormone-free, steroid-free USDA meat, rBST-free low-fat dairy products
✓ No artificial preservatives, no colors, no flavor sweeteners, no animal by-products or L-cysteine
The LunchMaster follows the strict regulations of the
✓ National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
✓ California Department of Education Nutrition Services Division (CDENSD)
✓ School Breakfast Program (SBP)
✓ Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Over the years, thanks to our in-house Registered Dietitian, we perfected the delicate balance between parent and child euphoria. We take our time to create nutritious meals that students are excited about and want to eat. The LunchMaster provides breakfast, lunch, afterschool snacks and supper. We understand it is essential for students to be fueled up throughout the day so that they can focus, learn, exercise and grow.
Here are a few ways we provide resources and help facilitate discussions between schools and families on the importance of making healthier choices.
Health and Wellness courses
Lessons for all ages and grade levels that include but are not limited to:
✓ School based farmer’s markets
✓ How to read a nutrition label
✓ The importance of having a healthy heart rate
✓ Creating a Healthy Plate
✓ Understanding the importance of exercise
✓ The importance of drinking water
✓ Limiting fried foods, soda, and sweets

Open Communication
We work with individual schools and PTAs to create a marketing strategy to promote healthy school food that employs behavioral economics, food placement, presentation, site events and promotions that can change the way students view new items and increase their consumption of healthier meals.
We highlight new recipes or items on the website by featuring rich full-color photographs, detailed meal descriptions and an easy to read nutrition label for each item.
The LunchMaster Food Gallery
The LunchMaster prides itself on quality and freshness. Our Chefs take pride in creating a menu with a variety of options that change according to the season. Below you will find a few of the options, to see our full menu, please register for an account.

The founders of The LunchMaster, Ted & Marie Giouzelis have had the entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. As newlyweds in their 20s, they owned a successful produce market in San Francisco and the popular Nob Hill Chicken & Ribs in the heart of Union Square. Deciding to raise their family on the Peninsula, they moved to Belmont and opened a new restaurant Mr. Hofbrau. Almost immediately, they began receiving requests from schools to prepare meals for their students.

After several years of operating Mr. Hofbrau, and with the demand for school lunches and private catering steadily increasing, Ted and Marie created Nob Hill Catering, Inc. They have owned Nob Hill Catering, Inc. for over 30 years and integrated to the group The LunchMaster in 1994.

The LunchMaster success is over 20 years of experience and tireless dedication to children’s plates coupled with a commitment to delivering excellent nutrition for their well-being.

The owners, Ted & Marie Giouzelis, who share 35 years of passion for high quality homey cooking and catering, are both still fully involved in the production and customer satisfaction, and have never lost focus on the quality and integrity of their food they take pride of.

The mission of The LunchMaster is to partner with schools to make a significant and positive contribution to the well-being and learning ability of each student by providing healthy, delicious school meals.

This will be achieved by:

  • Using only high quality ingredients such as organic dairy and organic produce items, and offering dairy and meat that is free of antibiotics and hormones
  • Cooking meals from scratch. Making everything ourselves, from mac n cheese, to pesto sauce, to cooking whole chicken breasts for entrees, to making our own salad dressing.
  • Forging partnerships with local farmers and vendors
  • Offering fruit and vegetable bars
  • Working closely with schools to understand and meet their specific needs
  • Limiting our carbon footprint by partnering with local vendors, using compostable and recyclable containers and packaging materials, and minimizing the amount of packaging whenever possible.


Our approach to business is guided by our commitment to the following guiding principles:

  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Continuous Improvement