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We proudly serve the Bay Area and the vicinity of Central Valley.

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Why Choose The LunchMaster?

We make lunch EASY…

  • Order online with our 16 daily menu options (including vegetarian & gluten-free)
  • You can place orders until 6:00 a.m. for same day delivery
  • Track allergens: flag the allergen once and it’s gone forever


  • All meals are scratch cooked and prepared in-house daily with fresh ingredients
  • Entree, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, snack, and choice of cold beverage–all for under $5!


  • The LunchMaster follows the strict regulations of the National School Lunch Program under guidance of their Registered Dietitian

Meet the Team

As a family-owned and family-operated business, The LunchMaster takes great pride in the employees they hire. Each member contributes their individual expertise and knowledge in the food industry, making The LunchMaster what it is today.

Ted & Marie Giouzelis

CEO/Vice President & Founders

Ted and Marie are an integral part of the day-to-day operations at the LunchMaster ensuring that the meals exceed standards and are delivered on time while providing elite customer service in all three of the LunchMaster locations.
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Mike Giouzelis

General Manager

Mike Giouzelis strong work ethic and dedication was evident at a very young age. He began working with Ted every summer since he was 7 years old and always knew he wanted to be an integral part of the family business.
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Melissa Manning

Registered Dietitian

The LunchMaster staff dietitian Melissa Manning specializes in child nutrition. As part of her work with California state nutrition auditors, Melissa has analyzed and evaluated the menus of more than 60 school districts.
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Christine Penrose

Registered Dietitian

Christine Penrose is a Registered Dietitian with her Masters in Nutritional Science. She is devoted to educating children and their parents about the benefits of healthy eating and maintaining an active lifestyle.
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Pritika Prakash

Office Manager

Pritika Prakash began her career in the customer service industry 5 years ago. Pritika has worked under a variety of settings, giving her comprehensive skills and expertise that she can apply to The LunchMaster.
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We Serve Only the Best!

We believe in supporting our local community and serving only the freshest, most sustainable ingredients. Below are some farm-to-table companies that help us perfect or high-quality menu.